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I have been so in love with Dancing with the Stars since it first began a couple of years ago! My ultimate dream would be to become famous so that they will ask me to compete on the show! Here’s a clip from this weeks team dance… so good! Enjoy 🙂

Team Mambo with Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough and Shawn Johnson and Mark Balas! Melissa Rycroft was supposed to dance in it but she has a rib injury


This past weekend I was lucky to be able to escape from the wonderful town on Statesboro, Ga and head to Charleston, SC, one of my most favorite southern cities. I went there with a fraternity from GSU for their formal. The guys booked their formal at the Embassy Suites in North Charleston, and was a very nice hotel and I had so much fun being there.

snoringExcept for when it came time to go to sleep- The man that was in the hotel room next to us had the loudest snore I have ever heard! You would think that when you are on vacation somewhere you would not have to worry about terrible sleeping patterns of people you do not even know. I literally think I slept maybe a total of 4 hours that night because the freight train in the room next to me would not be quiet. Why would a hotel have walls THAT thin?!

Well… I guess I can say that I’m glad I heard snoring and not anything else!

So, that morning, I was so tired and of course, so hungry. So the girls and I decided to head to the lobby for the complimentary continental breakfast. Breakfast and free, sounds good! Or not so good, because we couldn’t eat! Every single plate that we picked up had some sort of food residue or gross looking particles stuck on it. Sanitary, huh? I definitely was not about to eat off a plate that had the leftovers of a random.cascade_dishwasher_detergent_-_all_varieties-resized200

My mom always told me to be careful in hotels because you never know where they are deciding to cut corners. And to even think about how many people have slept in your bed or used those towels or cups before you really can be pretty frightening. But then again, I am a germaphobe.

Next time I travel, I hope to have a better hotel experience.

In my intro to public relations class we have currently been discussing news releases. This list of things are what commonly make up a news release. Its also a helpful guideline…

1. Letter Head with Address
3. For Immediate Release OR Embargo- hold it until the date states it can be released
4. Media Contact Info
5. Headline and Subhead
6. Dateline
7. Lead
8. Quotations
9. Body (AP)
10. Page Slugs to let you know to go to the next page (-MORE-)
11. Additional Contact Info
12. Boilerplate
13. End sign (###, END, -30-)

So, for my intro to PR class I had to get a Twitter account, which at first I had never even heard of. Our first assignment was to write about our first weeks experience on it. Well, I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. So as the semester is dwindling down, our teacher told us to do an additional 48 hours of Twitter and see if the experience is any different. There was a world of difference for me!

After my first week, I kind of quit using my Twitter, but I would sporadically check it when I thought about it. Now, I’m not going to lie, I have become a tad bit obsessed. I love checking my Twitter! Its so exciting to see if someone replied to something you said, share interesting things with literally the entire nation, or read other interesting things that people are posting. Twitter is fun because it connects you to everyone, and really connects you.

I had an assignment to interview a public relations practitioner, and I did not personally know anyone that worked in the PR field, so I found the person I was going to interview on Twitter. He was so nice and accomodating. I also posted a tweet asking if anyone knew great places to live in Washington D.C. and I got some tweets back with excellence reccomendations. So, it really is a helpful device.

One thing that was at first going through my mind was that there are going to be some creepy people out there on Twitter that are just going to easily be able to follow me. But, that really is not tha case at all. Everyone that I have “met” through Twitter is very professional and so nice.

Even though my class is almost over, I definitely will keep up with my Twitter account and become more and more active with it. I can’t wait to see what other interesting people I meet!

domlogocolorDomino’s recently suffered what could definitely be considered horrible publicity. After the video hit the nation on youtube, people were instantly disgusted and shocked, and naturally did not want to eat at Domino’s anymore. So, the President of Domino’s made his own video to up on youtube with an apology and addressing the situation. Domino’s also set up a Twitter account, seeing as how Twitter is definitely a fast and effective way for everyone to hear about it or see it. At the time of the article I read, Domino’s already had 1200 followers and are openly addressing the issue to the people. Poor Domino’s, there are some sick people out there!

I am in utter shock after watching and dicussing in my intro class what has recently happened at a Dominos pizza in North Carolina! There were two dominos employees that decided to make a “funny” video and put it up on the internet for everyone to see. This particular guy and girl filmed themselves sticking food up their nose then placing the contaminated food on people’s sandwiches and also “passing gas” on the sandwich meat, using that as well. This vulgar video surfaced to millions of people, and was constantly circulating on the news. The two claimed that it was just meant to be a joke and that the sandiches were never actually delivered to anyone to eat. But, really, what part of that is funny?!

Finally, I saw where the two FORMER employees turned themselves in and could face up to a year in jail if convicted for food contamination. This is by far one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen and even heard about. It is definitely the least funny “prank” (which I’m not still fully convinced it was actually just a prank) I’ve ever heard about.

I honestly do not think that I will ever eat at Dominos again. I realize that just because it happened at one place doesn’t mean its going to happen at all the other Dominos around. But it even makes me question anywhere I eat. It grosses me out to think that I could be eating something so disgusting and have absolutely not clue about it.

Unfortunately the video is no longer up on youtube for me to post (A good thing for dominos) be here is a rather humorous response to the initial video. I think many, myself included, had this same response (but maybe with a little bit different language!)


News Release

  • Use short, succint headlines and subheads to highlight main points and pique interest. They should not simply be a repeat of the information in the lead in paragraph.
  • Don’t use generic words such as “the leading provider” or “world class” to position your company. Be specific.
  • Don’t describe products using phrases such as “unique” or “total solution.” Use specific terms or examples to demonstrate the products distinctiveness.
  • Use descriptive and creative words to grab an editors attention, but make sure they are accurate and not exaggerated.
  • Don’t highlight the name of your company or product in the headline of a news release if it is not highly recognized. If you are not a household name, focus on the news intended.
  • Tell the news. Focus on how your announcement affects your industry and lead with that rather than overtly promoting your product or company.
  • Crititique your writing by asking yourself, “Who cares?” Why should readers be interested in this information?
  • Don’t throw everything into the release. Better to break your news into several releases if material is lengthy.
  • Don’t use lame quotes. Write like someone is actually talking- eliminate the corporatese that editors love to ignore. Speak with pizzazz to increase your chances of being published.
  • Target your writing. Create two different tailored releases that will go out to different types of media rather than a general release that isn’t of great interest to either group.
  • Look for creative ways to tie your announcement in with current news or trends.
  • Write simply.
  • Follow the AP style.
  • Don’t use metaphors unless they are used to paint a clearer picture for the reader.
  • Don’t overdo it. It is important to write colorfully, to focus on small specific details, to include descriptions of people, places, and events- but do not write poetry when you want press.
  • Don’t be formulate in your news release writing. Not every release must start with the name of the company or the product. Break out of the mold to attract media attention.
  • Don’t expect editors to print yoru entire release. Important info should be contained in the first two paragraphs.
  • Make it clear how your annoucement is relevant for the editors’ readers.

Media Kit components:

  1. The main news release
  2. A news feature about the development of the product of something similar
  3. Fact sheets on the product, org., or event
  4. Background information
  5. Photos and drawings with captions
  6. Biographical information on the spokesperson or chief execs
  7. A basic brochure

Public Relations – Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition

Wilcox and Cameron-


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