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wwpr1After I graduate I hope to live and work in Washington D.C. However, not necessarily in the PR field since I am a political science major. I am actually going to D.C. this summer to intern for a congressman and could not be more excited about it! But, for ladies interested in a career in public relations in the area here’s on organization that might be of some assistance….


In my intro to public relations class we have currently been discussing news releases. This list of things are what commonly make up a news release. Its also a helpful guideline…

1. Letter Head with Address
3. For Immediate Release OR Embargo- hold it until the date states it can be released
4. Media Contact Info
5. Headline and Subhead
6. Dateline
7. Lead
8. Quotations
9. Body (AP)
10. Page Slugs to let you know to go to the next page (-MORE-)
11. Additional Contact Info
12. Boilerplate
13. End sign (###, END, -30-)

Thursday, April 2, Kappa Delta Sorority is hosting their 26th annual War of the Wings. Each year we hold this philanthropy event to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America. More than half of the money raised will stay right here in Georgia’s chapter of PCAA, with the other chunk going to the national level. Last year we raised a little over $12,000 and this year we are hoping to surpass that goal! chickenwings1
The event is hosted at the Kappa Delta house on Olympic Blvd. Buy a ticket for five dollars and come eat some wings! Local restaurants from Savannah to Statesboro donate wings, those wings are piled up on a plate. Each with a different colored tooth pick. After you’ve tested out all the wings, cast your vote by entering the toothpick from your favorite wing. That restaurant is then crowned “Best Wings in the ‘Boro” which by the way is a huge honor!
Not only is this event helping us to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse, its also good PR for the restaurants around town. They love to donate wings because it makes people want to eat there whenever they need to get their chicken wing fix!
War of the Wings is always so much fun for everyone. This year we will be having a dunking booth, door prizes, raffles, pie eating contest, hot sauce chugging contest, and a band, Southbound. Let me know if you want to buy a ticket!kappa_delta_logo


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