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I have been so in love with Dancing with the Stars since it first began a couple of years ago! My ultimate dream would be to become famous so that they will ask me to compete on the show! Here’s a clip from this weeks team dance… so good! Enjoy 🙂

Team Mambo with Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough and Shawn Johnson and Mark Balas! Melissa Rycroft was supposed to dance in it but she has a rib injury


This past weekend I was lucky to be able to escape from the wonderful town on Statesboro, Ga and head to Charleston, SC, one of my most favorite southern cities. I went there with a fraternity from GSU for their formal. The guys booked their formal at the Embassy Suites in North Charleston, and was a very nice hotel and I had so much fun being there.

snoringExcept for when it came time to go to sleep- The man that was in the hotel room next to us had the loudest snore I have ever heard! You would think that when you are on vacation somewhere you would not have to worry about terrible sleeping patterns of people you do not even know. I literally think I slept maybe a total of 4 hours that night because the freight train in the room next to me would not be quiet. Why would a hotel have walls THAT thin?!

Well… I guess I can say that I’m glad I heard snoring and not anything else!

So, that morning, I was so tired and of course, so hungry. So the girls and I decided to head to the lobby for the complimentary continental breakfast. Breakfast and free, sounds good! Or not so good, because we couldn’t eat! Every single plate that we picked up had some sort of food residue or gross looking particles stuck on it. Sanitary, huh? I definitely was not about to eat off a plate that had the leftovers of a random.cascade_dishwasher_detergent_-_all_varieties-resized200

My mom always told me to be careful in hotels because you never know where they are deciding to cut corners. And to even think about how many people have slept in your bed or used those towels or cups before you really can be pretty frightening. But then again, I am a germaphobe.

Next time I travel, I hope to have a better hotel experience.

So, apparently I need to become more technologically advanced. My intro to Public Relations is totally kicking my tail when it comes to everything I’m having to learn to do on the computer!
First, there was twitter. Which in the beginning I thought was extremely weird and so unnecessary. But now I think it is actually pretty interesting. More coming on that later though….
Then, here comes this BLOG. I have never in my life blogged about anything. Clearly, since I am not very good at it. But, of course, at the very END of the semester I actually kind of, only kind of, figured out how to work this thing. My post about the PR professional interview came out completely messed up, I had no idea what formatting was. But I got that one fixed and now its a little easier to read.
If anyone has some suggestions on how I can really jazz up this page, well that’d be great! I got about a week to do it!
Now, I need to figure out whats going on with the PR open mic. The internet has so many different connections to everything, and it really is helpful, I just need to sit down and figure out how to utilize it!

beachSo, its that time of year again. You know, when the warm weather comes in and the sun is shining bright?! Yes, that time when you do NOT want to go to the class, but go to the pool and work on that base tan instead. Well, the end of the semester blues are hitting me pretty hard right now. It is just way to hard to be sitting inside when it is so gorgeous outside.
It is even more difficult for me, because somehow every semester I end up with a pretty awesome schedule. Right now, I have only 2 classes that I actually have to attend (one a day) and then one that is online (which i hate) and another that has already ended. I don’t ever have tests, only quizzes, and only one paper which is already done. Sure, I have a couple books here and there to read, but I love reading so that doesn’t seem too much like school work. Then I have all my friends that are constantly swamped with school work this time of year because they have been putting off those project they’ve all known about since day one. Having this laid back schedule is just really throwing me off, and at such a bad time!
It is so easy this time of year to start slacking off, but remember to keep it up! It will go by fast and that amazing part of the year, summer, will be there before you know it. No more school, except for the unlucky ones like me that will probably be doing summer school, but time for relaxation. Give yourself a break every now and then, but don’t stop slipping… WE’RE ALMOST THERE!! tropicaldrinksbeach

I live in downtown Savannah, Georgia. To get an idea of my neighborhood… Savannah was built on squares so all the houses are on “blocks” and most of the houses tend to be very close together and have sidewalks in front and lanes in the back. The sidewalks and the parking spaces in front are public property. Sooo… I went home this past weekend to find a rude interruption. Apparently my 84 year old neighbor is CRAZY!

I woke up one morning to three police cars being outside of my house and hearing an interesting voice yelling. I am wondering what in the world is going on, at first glance from my window. I walk outside to find an elderly lady screaming profanity at my mom because she was sweeping the leaves into the street. The problem here was that my mom was stopping in front of our house. Who would have ever thought that my mom held some sort of ogligation to this mean old lady to keep her sidewalk free of leaves! Anyways, this lady proceeds to tell the police to arrest my mom for what she has done, and tells my mom that she is taking her to court over the matter. I honestly cannot even believe this. Actually I can… last St. Patricks day she called the police on me because I had 10 friends in town staying with me and she complained because we were loud (Really its St. Patricks day and you live downtown!) and because we were parked in front of her house… in the spaces which she does not even own! I wonder what she’ll try to arrest us for this weekend!

What happened to the happy old grandparents that everyone loves?

This semester I decided to register for an online class. I figured it would be much easier than a regular class because I don’t have to go to an actual class and I can do everything conveniently from my bedroom. Also, this particular class that I signed up for didn’t even start until half way through the semester. Sounds great, no class and nothing to worry about except for the last couple weeks. WRONG! Worst decision I made this semester.

This online class, Criminal Procedure, is extremely hard. I am majoring in political science and hope someday to make it to law school, so this class seemed perfect for me, I love that type of stuff! And thats what really gets me. I cannot figure out why this class is so difficult for me. This is what I am studying to do, and love studying. Well, the answer is that I just simply cannot teach myself. I realize now that I cannot cut corners when it comes to class. I thought it would be easy not having to go to a class every other day, when in fact it has made it ten times more hard on me. I read the book, do the reviews, study the notes, and more and it still is so difficult for me to comprehend. I am the type of learner where someone needs to be telling me or showing me, so this has just turned into one big disaster for me.

I will never sign up for another online class as long as I am in school. And I am just praying that I will actually make it through the course with a satisfactory grade.


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