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Update on Twitter

Posted on: April 22, 2009

So, for my intro to PR class I had to get a Twitter account, which at first I had never even heard of. Our first assignment was to write about our first weeks experience on it. Well, I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. So as the semester is dwindling down, our teacher told us to do an additional 48 hours of Twitter and see if the experience is any different. There was a world of difference for me!

After my first week, I kind of quit using my Twitter, but I would sporadically check it when I thought about it. Now, I’m not going to lie, I have become a tad bit obsessed. I love checking my Twitter! Its so exciting to see if someone replied to something you said, share interesting things with literally the entire nation, or read other interesting things that people are posting. Twitter is fun because it connects you to everyone, and really connects you.

I had an assignment to interview a public relations practitioner, and I did not personally know anyone that worked in the PR field, so I found the person I was going to interview on Twitter. He was so nice and accomodating. I also posted a tweet asking if anyone knew great places to live in Washington D.C. and I got some tweets back with excellence reccomendations. So, it really is a helpful device.

One thing that was at first going through my mind was that there are going to be some creepy people out there on Twitter that are just going to easily be able to follow me. But, that really is not tha case at all. Everyone that I have “met” through Twitter is very professional and so nice.

Even though my class is almost over, I definitely will keep up with my Twitter account and become more and more active with it. I can’t wait to see what other interesting people I meet!


4 Responses to "Update on Twitter"

It’s great that you added a “Twitterfeed” to your blog! Nice touch.


I’m amazed at the many different things your can do with Twitter. I love it! Thanks for getting me started 🙂

Twitter seems like one of the most creative, yet simple tools of its time. I’ve loved every minute of it and don’t plan on going Tweetless anytime soon!

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