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Reaching a Multicultural and Diverse Audience

Posted on: April 21, 2009

Reaching diverse age groups

Youth and Young Adults

  • They will spend equal time intereacting with friends online and in person
  • Initial interaction online will precede most dating and marriage
  • They will spend more time online than in interaction with parents by tendfold
  • They will be more reserved on social skills
  • They will be savvy and skeptical about online identities such as chat participants
  • They will not tolerate print forms, slow application processes, and archaic systems

Baby Boomers

  • Tidal wave of Americans born between 1946 and 1964- about 76 million people
  • Grew up in an age of prosperity and not too worried about problems or retirement (wealth)
  • Now concerned with health care, insurance, retirement planning, and personal investing
  • Active, socially conscious


  • With the perspective of long experience, they often are less easily convinced than young adults, demand value in the things they buy, and pay little attention to fads
  • They vote in greater numbers than their juniors and are more intense readers of newspapers and magazines. Retirees also watch television heavily
  • They form an excellent source of volunteers for social, health, and cultural organizations because they have time and often are looking for something to do
  • They are extremely health conscious, out of self interest, and want to know about medical developments.

Reaching racial and ethnic groups

  • Organize a team with an inherent understanding of the customs and values of the various demographic groups you are trying to reach
  • Understand that consumers of diverse cultural backgrounds respond better to messages that are culturally relevant
  • Remember that consumers of diverse cultural backgrounds are extremely loyal and once your products are services become part of their lives, there is a very good chance you will keep them
  • Use the primary language of the audience. A large portion of your target audience prefers to communicate in their primary language, even if they also have strong english skills
  • Use good spokespersons who represent the audience. The spokesperson must be able to be a good communicator and be sensitive to the issues that are important to the audience

Matching the audience with the media

  • Public Relations practitioners should use local print and broadcast media to reach diverse publics. She media have high credibility among the public.
  • Campaigns should incorporate concepts of word of mouth communications to reach influentials in target publics. Social networking websites are a good way to do this.
  • Information should be provided when the audience is most receptive.
  • Celebrity endorsements have low credibility among consumers, but they can provide a “triggering effect” in terms of getting audience attention.
  • Women, particularly age 25 to 54, use traditional media but also use the internet more frequently than men to make purchasing decisions

Public Relations – Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition

Wilcox and Cameron-


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