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Getting the hang of things… Finally!

Posted on: April 21, 2009

So, apparently I need to become more technologically advanced. My intro to Public Relations is totally kicking my tail when it comes to everything I’m having to learn to do on the computer!
First, there was twitter. Which in the beginning I thought was extremely weird and so unnecessary. But now I think it is actually pretty interesting. More coming on that later though….
Then, here comes this BLOG. I have never in my life blogged about anything. Clearly, since I am not very good at it. But, of course, at the very END of the semester I actually kind of, only kind of, figured out how to work this thing. My post about the PR professional interview came out completely messed up, I had no idea what formatting was. But I got that one fixed and now its a little easier to read.
If anyone has some suggestions on how I can really jazz up this page, well that’d be great! I got about a week to do it!
Now, I need to figure out whats going on with the PR open mic. The internet has so many different connections to everything, and it really is helpful, I just need to sit down and figure out how to utilize it!


2 Responses to "Getting the hang of things… Finally!"

Your blog looks good!!

Well, I don’t really know what I am doing, but I am trying! It’s getting better! THANKS!

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