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Hurry up SUMMER!

Posted on: April 16, 2009

beachSo, its that time of year again. You know, when the warm weather comes in and the sun is shining bright?! Yes, that time when you do NOT want to go to the class, but go to the pool and work on that base tan instead. Well, the end of the semester blues are hitting me pretty hard right now. It is just way to hard to be sitting inside when it is so gorgeous outside.
It is even more difficult for me, because somehow every semester I end up with a pretty awesome schedule. Right now, I have only 2 classes that I actually have to attend (one a day) and then one that is online (which i hate) and another that has already ended. I don’t ever have tests, only quizzes, and only one paper which is already done. Sure, I have a couple books here and there to read, but I love reading so that doesn’t seem too much like school work. Then I have all my friends that are constantly swamped with school work this time of year because they have been putting off those project they’ve all known about since day one. Having this laid back schedule is just really throwing me off, and at such a bad time!
It is so easy this time of year to start slacking off, but remember to keep it up! It will go by fast and that amazing part of the year, summer, will be there before you know it. No more school, except for the unlucky ones like me that will probably be doing summer school, but time for relaxation. Give yourself a break every now and then, but don’t stop slipping… WE’RE ALMOST THERE!! tropicaldrinksbeach


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