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You’d never think!

Posted on: April 8, 2009

I live in downtown Savannah, Georgia. To get an idea of my neighborhood… Savannah was built on squares so all the houses are on “blocks” and most of the houses tend to be very close together and have sidewalks in front and lanes in the back. The sidewalks and the parking spaces in front are public property. Sooo… I went home this past weekend to find a rude interruption. Apparently my 84 year old neighbor is CRAZY!

I woke up one morning to three police cars being outside of my house and hearing an interesting voice yelling. I am wondering what in the world is going on, at first glance from my window. I walk outside to find an elderly lady screaming profanity at my mom because she was sweeping the leaves into the street. The problem here was that my mom was stopping in front of our house. Who would have ever thought that my mom held some sort of ogligation to this mean old lady to keep her sidewalk free of leaves! Anyways, this lady proceeds to tell the police to arrest my mom for what she has done, and tells my mom that she is taking her to court over the matter. I honestly cannot even believe this. Actually I can… last St. Patricks day she called the police on me because I had 10 friends in town staying with me and she complained because we were loud (Really its St. Patricks day and you live downtown!) and because we were parked in front of her house… in the spaces which she does not even own! I wonder what she’ll try to arrest us for this weekend!

What happened to the happy old grandparents that everyone loves?


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