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Online Classes :(

Posted on: March 18, 2009

This semester I decided to register for an online class. I figured it would be much easier than a regular class because I don’t have to go to an actual class and I can do everything conveniently from my bedroom. Also, this particular class that I signed up for didn’t even start until half way through the semester. Sounds great, no class and nothing to worry about except for the last couple weeks. WRONG! Worst decision I made this semester.

This online class, Criminal Procedure, is extremely hard. I am majoring in political science and hope someday to make it to law school, so this class seemed perfect for me, I love that type of stuff! And thats what really gets me. I cannot figure out why this class is so difficult for me. This is what I am studying to do, and love studying. Well, the answer is that I just simply cannot teach myself. I realize now that I cannot cut corners when it comes to class. I thought it would be easy not having to go to a class every other day, when in fact it has made it ten times more hard on me. I read the book, do the reviews, study the notes, and more and it still is so difficult for me to comprehend. I am the type of learner where someone needs to be telling me or showing me, so this has just turned into one big disaster for me.

I will never sign up for another online class as long as I am in school. And I am just praying that I will actually make it through the course with a satisfactory grade.


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