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Wag the Dog

Posted on: February 16, 2009

The basic value orientation that the PR practitioner embodies is absolute. An absolutists believes that every decision is either right or wrong, regardless of the consequences. Brean had his associate murdered in order  for the war story to come out because what was said was not true. Even though they were close partners, Brean did not care and wanted to have him killed anyway. This is an example of the absolute value because he didn’t care what it took for something to be “right” or “wrong.”

According the the PRSA code of ethics, there are many ways that the practitioner is unethical. One way in particular is because they did not practice honesty. Everything that the told the public was false. The practitioner may have a sense of loyalty and faithfullness to the cilents, but in no way is that upholded to the public interest.

I think that Wag the Dog refers to the way that the dog controls when and how he wags his tail. He is the one that controls what is done with it, the way that public relations practitioners  control what the people think is true or not true, even if it is by means of manipulation. I feel that “wagging” is the way of fooling what people actually believe.

In my opinion the PR practitioner has a negative stereotype. I feel that because of the way things were done so unethically a bad vibe is given off. I feel that in some ways he took advantage of his job, knowing what he was capable of doing with it.


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