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Public Relations Comes Of Age

Posted on: February 4, 2009

– In the second half of the 21st centurypublic relations was firmly established.

– After WWII all areas of public relations grew.

  • Major increases in urban and suburban populations
  • the growth of a more impersonalized society represented by big business, big labor, and big government
  • scientific and technological advances, including automation and computerization
  • the communications revolution in terms of mass media
  • bottomline finincial considerations often replacing the more personalized decsion making of a previous, more genteel, society

– Tv was established as well as computers and internet

–  The US department of labor said that public relations will be one of the fastest growing fields fields between 2004 and 2014.

–  1950- 2000 marked distinct changes in the practice and philosophy of PR.

–  Women became predominant in the public relations field:

  • Women find a more welcoming environment in public relations and see more opportunities for advancement than in other communications fields, such as newspaper work
  • Women still make more money in public relations than comparable female dominated fields, such as teaching and social work
  • A women can start a public relations firm without a lot of capital
  • Women tend to have a better listening and communication skills than men
  • Women are more sensitive than men in facilitating two- way communication

– Today there are about 350,000 practitioners of public relations

– The focus of public relations shifted to the pyschological and sociological effects of persuasive communication on target audiences.

  • Grunig’s two- way asymmetrical involved scientific persuasion
  • two way symmetrical communication is a balance between the organization and its various publics, the organization and the public  can influence each other

– Public Relations personell should use research to: (enhance social responsibilty

  • enviromental monitoring
  • public relations audits
  • communication audits
  • social audits

Public Relations – Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition

Wilcox and Cameron-


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