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This semester I took Intro to Pr with Barbara Nixon, and learned so many things from her. I mean, without her this blog would not even exist! Our final assignment for the class was to comprise a list of the top ten most important things we learned throughout the semester. My best friend, Erika, and I decided to make a spin off of the E! show The Daily Ten. It gives a fun twist to what could be a bland list. So check out The Daily Ten with Happy and Erika and see our top ten list!


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wwpr1After I graduate I hope to live and work in Washington D.C. However, not necessarily in the PR field since I am a political science major. I am actually going to D.C. this summer to intern for a congressman and could not be more excited about it! But, for ladies interested in a career in public relations in the area here’s on organization that might be of some assistance….

I commented on Barbara Nixon’s Blog.

If you saw a huge plane flying around followed by 2 fighter jets how would you feel?
TERRIFIED! Watch this

On Monday morning, an Air Force One look-a-like and fighter planes flew very low and very loudly over New York City and ground zero. This was just to get pictures of Air Force One flying over New York and near the statue of liberty and what not. New York City was not notified of this at all. So, seeing as how the World Trade center fell under attack several years ago, people are going to think, when they hear loud planes flying near buildings, that they are under attack. This lead to buildings being evacuated, emergency hotlines being blown up, and many angry people. Mayor Bloomberg was outraged by the fact that he was not notified and that something of the sort was actually allowed to happen. President Obama was said to be furious about the matter, but it just seems to me that if one of his aides had the idea in his head that the President would have known about it, and hopefully not let it happen. Come on, lets not scare this country like that again!

Doesn't it look like its about to fly into the building?

Doesn't it look like its about to fly into the building?

People were scared out of their minds. I hope that it was worth it to have a nice picture of Air Force One. I mean, are there not enough pictures of the President’s plane?

Later on Monday, The White House issued an apology for the incident. The New York times has a story on the apology and peoples reactions to what was considered the next 9/11

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In my Intro to PR class we watched a TV show, WKRP in Cincinnati, to help learn a little bit about promotions. In this very funny episode of the show, the radio station manager, Mr. Carlson, feels that he is not doing anything for the station at all. So, he comes up with a “brilliant” plan in order to promote the station and basically give himself something to do. He thinks up the plan and immediately decides to act on it. He uses two of the people on the staff to help him with it, but he never actually tells them what is going on, and totally leaves the rest of the crew out of it. Since Thanksgiving day is coming up, he decided he wanted to buy 20 turkeys for what everyone thought would be some sort of give away. Well, it ended up being anything but a give away. He threw the turkeys out of a flying helicopter over a mall parking lot. He did this because he just assumed that turkeys could fly, and they wouldn’t just dramatically hit the ground. Mr. Carlson made a big mistake with this promotion from the get go. He did not research anything about the turkeys so therefore he did not know they would not fly, he didn’t incorporate the right people for the job, and he left everything as one big secret. No part of his promotional was oraganized, and it showed because of how it ended.


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